June 22, 2012

Refractory Industry News: RHI Refractories to close its Plant in Bonnybridge

RHI Refractories Uk Ltd

RHI Refractories Uk Ltd has announced that it is closing the main production line at its factory in Bonnybridge, Scotland.
In a statement, RHI said: “Confronted with an unfavourable market environment in Europe: uncertain macroeconomic conditions, low economic growth rates as well as overcapacities and reduced demand in its main customer markets, especially the steel industry, create a severe competitive situation within the refractory industry. As a result, the Scottish plant in Bonnybridge, focused on technical refractory products for the steel industry, is running with very low demand therefore, RHI has taken the decision to close a specialized production line at Bonnybridge plant.” 

The Bonnybridge plant of RHI which manufactures parts for the steel industry currently employs 120 staff, out of which around 90 working at the production line to be shut down. The company said that it hopes to transfer and offer job opportunities to some employees to its facility at the nearby RHI Clydebank plant. However, still around 40 people may lose their jobs because of this decision.

It may be recalled that this plant in Bonnybridge, Scotland was acquired by RHI AG, a major player in the market for non-substitutable refractories, from the British Cookson Group plc in 2008. This plant was then manufacturing Carbon Bonded Ceramics (CBC) and was operated by Foseco plc.

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